Friday, June 4, 2010

fingers crossed

its been too long,
i have been meaning to do a post for so long now but every time I'm just about to start one I'm given another assignment. This is only going to be short but I thought you might appreciate it anyway. I was just having a break between assignment work and I had to draw. So i pulled out black paper and did just that , this is the results of one of my pictures. I actually drew the image from a picture off we heart it. Its not edited (apart from rubbing out unwanted pencil lines.) I'm happy with the results

here is the link to the original picture



listen to: The Jezabels - Hurt me

Thursday, April 1, 2010

danger high voltage

Okay before I saw anything else HAPPY BIRTHDAY carly, today is her birthday and I'm in a different state how bad is that.
I'm having a great time though, I have mostly been shopping and visiting my very cute nephew. If you think I'm biased ask carly whether or
Not she thinks he's cute and she will agree with me. Today we went to DFO and I looked through most of the stores and they don't have my sizes quite annoying. Its
Do you want to know what really annoyed me though was converse doesn't cater for small feeted women what is this. The only close size I could get in my size was
Children's I feel degraded by chuck Taylor's. Obviously doesn't appreciate the short people with small feet. But what made my day was this store called frat house
And it had hollister and abercrombie and fitch, it made my day. Cause they had my size and they had clothes in the colours I liked
It was great. Then I got 30 percent off cause I got it 3 items. So I was pretty happy. Its kinda hot today compared to the last 3 days I have been here its been cloudy and rainy it
Makes good weather to wear coats and jackets, but its not to cold. Earlier we went to ikea to get my sister a rocking chair for her baby.
Easter this week and I don't think I'm getting any chocolate, it doesn't matter cause I'm in Sydney shopping and stuff. I'm having a great time, I had better finish off this post cause we have reached my sisters apartment so have a good day.



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Sunday, March 28, 2010

could be a cold night for a lifetime

Travelling to Sydney isn't quite how I imagined it. I'm sitting here at 2:32 in the morning slowly travelling down the NSW coast.
I am officially swearing off driving anywhere more than four hours, that's enough time in a small confined space with my parents.
So what do you do for the next 6 hours, well I'm not sure. I would read my newest book, the piper's son by Melina Marchetta and please excuse me if I have spelt it wrong I'm typing on my phone in the dark so I can't even check if I spelt it right.
I have to saw a few of these tiny little towns are quite picturesque, and I just want to pull over and take pictures. Especially in the dark with mist, looks quite perfect. Oh we have officially reached 15 degrees, for those of you who are from
Colder places you might shrug your shoulders and say 'so what' but for me I live on the sunny coast and it never really gets this cold. Which makes it difficult to wear winter fashion very disappointing.
Thank goodness for spell checker otherwise we would be in trouble cause while typing this post on my phone I have added letters onto words cause the keypad is so small. I don't see myself sleeping anytime soon.
We passed some kanagaroos on the side of the road we were lucky they didn't jump out and hit us cause our can would be in bits.
The reason we are on this lovely journey in the middle of the night is because my sister had her baby yesterday its a boy, much to carly annoyance. As we had a bet I said a boy she said a girl and whoever guessed right would have eternal bragging rights
Well I found out I was an aunt to a little callum so I cant wait to see my nephew.
I think this is enough for this post I'm getting a little tired, its 3 in the morning.


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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Did you bathe in Fabric softener?

Happy Valentines everyone (and i know its a bit late )
I know i havent updated in a long while but i have been busy. Firstly i would like to say Carly failed at her attempt to get me to wear the Short Stack t-shirt to soundwave she only got 52 members out of the 100. She still gave me the Short Stack shirt though, she made herself and gave it to me for Valentines day, I kinda threw it at her and now its laying on the floor in my room. But can i just say Soundwave was Amazing and thats an understatement. I love the atmosphere you get when you are at a music festival it makes me tingle. Paramore though were the best entertainers there, Their small section they did preform was the absolute highlight of the entire festival. I wish i had stayed longer to see Jimmy Eat World but i was feeling sick from all the ciggarette smoke so i left early, but either way soundwave was worth the money.
This week I have really been focusing on my art and i decided to scan some of my drawings onto the computer and the picture of the girl on the right is one of them, Im really trying to build my portfolio. Im not sure if im going to need a portfolio for Uni. That terrifies me University is only in another year and im not even certain on what I want to do. Im a little scared to grow older, because you have these huge dreams and im scared that no matter how hard i work for them they are just going to fall apart. well i guess ill have to wait and see how things work out.

Ohh i have to shout out to Tasha because she got annoyed at the fact i didnt say she helped with finding dave days so i must publicly apologise.this is the link to the soundwave gallery incase you are interested in looking at the pictures

listen to:kill - Jimmy eat World

- lena

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stack is The New Black...

Hi there chumps. Well, it has been a while, hasn't it? An apology is in order for the obvious lack of wondeful posts that fill our blog which most probably 3 people at the most lay eyes on. I've not been up to much, except school which doesn't really count as 'doing something'. I've been broke for a while, not having any shifts at old-lady central. I do miss the holidays though, I had a lot more time to do absolutely nothing, which I was quite okay with. But anyway I'd like to let you in on an insy winsy situation. Alena has mentioned previously that she will be attending the 'Soundwave Festival' here in Brisbane soon, with bands such as 'Paramore' playing. 'How cool is that?' I know, I know. Alas, I am not attending the event, for reasons too annoying to explain, but I thought i'd make a little fun out of it. I don't know if you've heard of them, but a band called 'Short Stack' have been gracing the nation with their disgusting, feminine selves. With a love heart cross bone for their logo, and a motto which states that 'Stack is the New Black', I think i've already explained myself. Okay so for maximum embarrassment on Alena's part just because, i've made a Facebook group entitled 'If 100 people join this group Alena will wear 'Stack is the New Black', this means that she MUST wear a 'Short Stack' t-shirt to the 'Soundwave Festival'. I actually don't know where or how I am going to aqquire a 'Short Stack' t-shirt, but there's always a Supré singlet and a permanent marker isn't there?

Go ahead, you know I want you to. Join the group to ensure that Alena is horribly mortified. Also, I will love you forever.

DON'T listen to: Sway Sway Baby-Short Stack


Monday, January 18, 2010

Phalange Fun

Toes are fun. I mean unless you have a complete fear of toes, toenails and/or feet, you're pretty peachy near a set of the usually unmatching, wriggly things attached to your feet. Mine; I like to paint them myself, a nice red shade is the favourable option. And just today i've discovered something. Alena really likes toes. My toes, infact. She drew on them. And no, she didn't just use an easily washable, high-quality pen with a lovely soft tip for my comfort. She used two permanent, irratable, hard-to-wash-off red/green markers. This combination was called 'Christmas tree' and it started out with an innocent little face like the one in the toe picture i've provided (these are not my toes, simply because mine are dirty and were quite simply upset after today) and then ended with a foot catastrophe. After many 'Why am I letting you do this?' thoughts, the left sole of my foot was completely covered with little faces, lines, and the littlest toe was knighted, 'Cyclops' because it only had one eye. The other foot was called 'Chicken Foot' which I don't think I really understand. After the feet, she progressed to write on my leg, enscribing 'Hello' and 'Carly is excitable'.

Lesson learnt: probably don't let your friend write all over your toes. Unless you really want them too.

Listen to: Clemintine-Megan Washington


Saturday, January 16, 2010

she's a weapon tonight

Okay i know its been a while since we last posted but i have to say there wasnt much happening at all so dont be concerned about missing anything cause you havent.

I have been really unhealthy lately i have been staying up late then waking up way to early to go to work and then when im at work i have been eating chocolate and thats about it for lunch, so im really thinking im going to get fat. Im so glad the christmas/newyears rush is over because the store would get so busy and people were buying trolley loads of food just to come back in two days time to get more food for newyears eve. I was really hating my job at that point, but now it has settled down a bit so its alot better. I just took a small nap before i came to write this post because i thought i better try and catch up on sleep but now i feel even worse.
I havent done anything really these holidays except stay at home and see carly. All my other friends have left me to go camping, so i feel like i have wasted my holidays. but im really excited about soundwave in february. For those who dont know what soundwave is ill explain its a music festival that has an awesome lists of artists playing that one day. Its going to all the major cities in Australia, Im going to the Brisbane one at the RNA showgrounds, im really excited. Paramore and a few other good artists are going to be there, the event is 14+ so it should be excellent. Another thing im really looking forward to is going to sydeny at the end of march, My sister is pregnant and is due mid march so we are going to sydeny, the only problem is that its my last week of school and nearly all my assesment is due that week.
im about to finish this post but before i do i have to recommend someone to you. Just go to youtube and type in Dave Days he is a really good gutarist and does lots of paradys of songs and usually makes them a bit rock, the songs are great. Carly and i stumbled upon while we were watching some stuff. He has released a CD of all his paradys you can buy it on itunes if you really want to here is hes website if your interested


listen to: cinders - Sarah Blasko

Thursday, January 7, 2010

did i not satisfy ?

Have you ever felt so hungry that you feel sick? Well that what i feel like most of the time but I felt even worse while i was spending time with my friend Who forgot to buy lunch for us. And you might think who would forget lunch, yer well carly does. Instead she bought us a small Kit - Kat and you would think after warning us about how dangerously messy they are she would never touch them again well your wrong. She went as far as protecting the kit-kat from her family by hiding it in the back of the fridge. SO when lunch came around all she had to offer me was a Kit-Kat which we halved and a bag of starbursts. I have to give her credit for trying to fix the problem by ordering pizza but that didnt end well so we wont go there. But I have to say next time you go visting your friends make sure you bring a snack incase they forget to supply you lunch.

- lena